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IP TV Prices

The sun started to shine again in Alanya, a wonderful summer is waiting for us. We hope you will have a great holiday. After several meeting with our Ip tv supplier...

  • Official holidays in Turkey in 2019

    01-01-2019 New Year's Day (Office closed) 23-04-2019 National Sovereignty and Children's Day (Office closed) 01-05-2019 Labor and Solidarity Day (Office closed) 19-05-2019 Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day (Office closed) 03-06-2019 Ramadan Feast Eve...

  • Officel holidays in Turkey

    1 January - 23 April - 19 May - 15 July - 30 August - 29 October - Ramadan Bayram 3 days - Kurban Bayram 3 days

  • Market days in Alanya (Bazar)

    1: Monday in Oba 2: Tuesday near fish bazar in Alanya centrum 3: Wendensday in Mahmutlar 4: Thursday in Tosmur 5: Friday in Alanya Centrum, near bazar area. 6: Saturday in...

  • Make sport during your holiday

    Do you wish that you want to keep your form during you holiday in Alanya, then please make contact with us. We will like to help you to get the right contacts for...


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