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    Contact Us - Bank Details

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    Address :

    Cikcilli Mah. 220 Sok. 1A - 1B

    07400 Alanya Antalya Turkey

    Telefon Office
    : +90 242 515 03 21 - +90 242 515 03 85
    Fax : +90 242 515 03 22
    IP Phone (DK) : +45 69 91 80 47
    IP Phone (NO) : +47 21 98 38 70
    7/24 Service : +90 538 702 53 94
    Website : http://www.jodreams.dk/
    E-mail : info@jodreams.dk


    J.O. Dreams office opening hours:


    Summertime: 01 April - 31 October








    Wintertime: 01 November - 31 March










    J.O. Dreams Bank Information (Can be used of all customers)


    EURO Account

    Bank Name TEB
    Swift Code TEBUTRIS
    Section Code 473
    Account Owner Name Orhan Şad
    Iban TR870003200000000041352074
    Account nr 41352074
    Account owner´s adress Cikcilli Mah. 220 Sok. No: 1A-1B 07400 Alanya Antalya Turkey



    TL Account (Can be used of all customers)

    Bank name TEB
    Swıft Code TEBUTRIS
    Section Code 473
    Account Owner Name Orhan Şad
    Iban TR120003200000000041351775
    Account nr 41351775
    Account owner´s adress Cikcilli Mah. 220 Sok. No: 1A-1B 07400 Alanya Antalya Turkey



    DKR Account (Account in Denmark can only be used of Home service customers):

    Bank name Spar nord, Hjoerring
    Account owner name J.O. Dreams Home Service
    Reg Nr. 9028
    Account Nr. 4578955939
    IBAN Nr. DK0690014578955939
    Account owner home address Loenstrupvej 232, 9800 Hjoerring
    Bank Address Oestergade 8, Postboks 240, 9800 Hjoerring



    NKK Account (Account in Norway can only be used of Home service customers)


    Bank navn Spar nord, Hjoerring
    Kontohaver J.O. Dreams Home Service
    Reg Nr. 9028
    Konto Nr. 458-71-36207
    IBAN Nr. DK96 9028 4587 1362 07
    Konto indhavers adresse Loenstrupvej 232, 9800 Hjoerring
    Bankens Adresse Oestergade 8, Postboks 240, 9800 Hjoerring


    J.O. Dreams also use Mobilepay for their customer account in Denmark - The number connected to this account is, +45 28563119


    When J.O. Dreams service center provide cost estimations on a work task, we want you to know that we’re using the exchange rate in Turkey. Because of the difference in the daily rates, it is always a good idea to receive the estimated price in the currency you want to pay in.


    When you send money to one of J.O. Dreams accounts, you have to write your customer number(Mxxxx or Wxxxx) in the text for the receiver. If you don't write your customer number, J.O. Dreams cannot be held responsible for the money arriving.


    You can expect 5 working days before the money are posted on your account with J.O. Dreams. We need some time for transferring the money from Denmark to Turkey. There is a transfer fee on 15 DKK. on each money transfer inside Denmark to our Danish service account and 20 DKK on money transfer from outside countries to our service account in Denmark. In cases where challenges accurs in connection with money trasfers, we wish that you send an e-mail with a receipt of your money transfer.


    The daily rate in Turkey is being used for all money transfers. J.O. Dreams also have an euro account and a Turkish Lira account that you can use but be advised that you – as the sender of the money – are paying all transfer fees. If you chose to use any of our account`s in Turkey you need to know, that the period of receiving your money transfer can be longer that expected. Unfortunately we can not inform you how long it takes, but please make sure that all details are correct or else your money will be locked on a closed account in the bank, untill they recive a SWIFT message from sender. JOD can not take any responsibility in those kind of cases, but we do ofcourse offer our help to solve the case.

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