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Insurance on your holiday home


When you buy a property in Turkey, as well as in your home country, it is a good idea to have various insurances made. Therefore we have compiled an overview of the various types of insurance, some are compulsory to have while others are voluntarily to have.


DASK is an earthquake insurance  that covers damages made by earthquakes, this insurance is compulsory in Turkey.


Home insurance covers damage to  furniture , damages to the apartment and burglary.


Building insurance. If you wish to have water damage, fire or similar. covered, you must make a building insurance.


You do not have to make both home and building insurance but we highly recommend it. Furthermore, it is necassary that you check if the complex is insured with a common insurance  because this will affect the terms of your own private home insurance when this is made. A common insurance cover things like parkingarea, pool, elevator and roof. These should be signed by a Turkish insurance company.


J.O. Dreams is working together with one of Turkish biggest insurance companies and our good cooperation has made it possible for us to achieve very attractive prices on insurances for our customers. If you request to have an offer made by the insurance company we work with, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail.


Insurance Cases / Damage Service

J.O. Dreams is cooperating with Generali Sigorta, one of Turkey's largest insurance companies which is also an international insurance company that J.O. Dreams provides service for. This means that if you have a water damage etc. and wish to report this to the insurance company,  J.O. Dreams offers to organize this process for you.


J.O. Dreams only needs to receive your bank details, then we take care of the case which include repairing any damage and pay the insurance premium.


If you choose to sign your insurance through J.O. Dreams, you automatically get this service.


If you have an insurance with another insurance company, you can choose this service.


When your current insurane expires and if you wish, we can offer you to make a new insurance with Generali Sigorta.


Please do not hesitate to conatct us if you have any questions regarding insurance.


You are welcome to contact J.O. Dreams for further details.

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