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Official holidays in Turkey in 2024

01.01.2024 New Year's Day (Office closed) 09.04.2024 Ramadan Feast Eve 10.04.2024 Ramadan Feast (Office closed) 11.04.2024 Ramadan Feast Day 2 (Office closed) 12.04.2024 Ramadan Feast Day 3 (Office closed) 23.04.2024 National Sovereignty...

  • Market days in Alanya (Bazar)

    1: Monday in Oba 2: Tuesday near fish bazar in Alanya centrum 3: Wendensday in Mahmutlar 4: Thursday in Tosmur 5: Friday in Alanya Centrum, near bazar area. 6: Saturday in...

  • Make sport during your holiday

    Do you wish that you want to keep your form during you holiday in Alanya, then please make contact with us. We will like to help you to get the right contacts for...

  • Free Internet to all service customers

    Dear all service customer We are happy to tell you that we can offer our customers, free internet and computer access in our office in Cikcilli. Please contact us by an...


    Linen Service

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    Linen Service

    At J.O. Dreams we offer linen service to our customers and is done this way: We pick up your clothes, linen, etc. in your apartment. We make sure that it get washed and brought back to your apartment again.


    - Keep in mind that it is 5 kg (one machine) for 12,5 EURO, if it is the same color. If there is dark and white laundry, we do not mix it, and therefore maybe 2 machines of 12,5 EURO.


    The items you wished to have washed should be placed on the floor in hall unless it's wet,then we recommend that you hang it. When the items have been washed and we deliver it back to your apartment, we put the clean clothes on your bed.


    Most of our customers order this service after their holiday as it is often difficult to wash after linen and towels after a vacation, especially if the plane departs at night or early morning.

    Transportation of the clothes and linen to and from your apartment is included in the price.


    Bookings should be received at least 48 hours before the job you want done. We wash and does not deliver on Sunday. It takes 2 days from the time we pick up until we bring the clean laundry back to the apartment.


    Please remember to fill up all points in your order therwise it will not go through our system.



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