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    Home Service

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    J.O. Dreams Home Service


    Our Home Service is your security when you're in your home country and when you and your family are in your holiday home. We have long experince with our work and our company has been growing which mean that we are now employ 60+ employees, 20 of which is placed in our office in Cikcilli that count our home sevice consultants, administration, sales and repair department. The rest is so-called mobile employees, working in the different departments such as caretakers, cleaning staff, handymen etc.


    Although the company has grown, we have not eased our demands for high quality, information and services which must be a priority. Our goal is to offer a quality service and take responsibility for the work we do.


    Our experienced staff treat your home as if it were their own. We carry out control visit in your home open all windows, flush all water installations, control electric installations, air conditioning, any damage and what else you might wish us to do.

    We empty your mailbox, pay your bills, and contact local craftsmen if necessary. We clean and prepare your home before your arrival, arrange transfers to and from the airport and fill up your refrigerator before you arrive if requested. We are available for you, your family and possibly guests 24 hours a day, before, during and after your vacationaccording to following:


    During our office opening hours (please see under "contact us - bank details"), we can be contacted by mail, telephone or by personal visit to our office where we will do everything we can to help you. Outside our opening hours, we can always be contacted on our 24 hours telephone in case of emergency or other urgent matters.


    Below, you will find a lis t of some of the services we carry out for our customers:


    • Emptying your mailbox. (Only if we received a key from you.)

    • Payment of bills in Turkey; electricity, water, telephone, taxes etc. We will of course inform you if any increase in the prices should occur. An internal account will be made in our office for payment of these bills.  JOD has an account in Denmark that can be used for this purpose

    • Safe key storage.

    • Log-in service via our website. Here you can read newsletters, important information, order extra services, and see you JOD account. (Your guests can use this and thereby obtain members price for extra services).

    • 1-4 times a month our service man will visit your apartment. He will ventilate, test electricity and water, let water run through all water installations and read electricity and water meter. A report will be lying in the apartment. In this report he will write the readings. After his visit he will send you a report by e-mail with notice of his visit. If any problem has occurred in the apartment he will also write about that in the e-mail. In this context we would like to receive 2 sets of keys.

    • Does your apartment have damages/problems we can help you find local craftsmen of fix it ourselves within our repair department.

    • Counseling/contact. You can always reach JOD by mail or telephone. Emergency telephone is only outside office hours and only in emergencies.

    • Help making the necessary insurance for your residence.

    • Translate short simple Turkish documents.

    • Contact your local caretaker.

    • Arranging of transfer to and from the airport.

    • Arranging of cleaning when you arrive/depart.

    • Referral of car rent.

    • Information and recommendations (we can recommend and inform about dentist, hair dresser, cosmetologist, hamam (Turkish bath), excursions, restaurants, jewelers and various good places for shopping furniture and other things).

    • Ventilating of cupboards and drawers.

    • Inspection of errors and defects when buying new apartment, furniture and more. (Additional cost)

    • Buying of arrival package. (Additional cost)

    • Renting out your residence. (Additional cost)

    • We can help you get Iskan. (Additional cost)

    • We can help you get deed. (Additional cost)

    • Auditing of Turkish companies. (Additional cost) – ask for our auditing concept

    • Supervision of your basement storage room (Additional cost 50 €)


    We can offer our costumer 4 diffrent contracts.


    • Payment of bills
    • Payment of bills + 1 monthly service check
    • Payment of bills + 2 monthly service check
    • Payment of bills + 4 monthly service check



    J.O. Dreams offers assistance to all kinds of insurance such as home insurance, building insurance, etc. An earthquake insurance is statutory in Turkey. This insurance is called DASK.

    Translation of Turkish documents

    As forward you have insurance papers, bank papers or other Turkish documents that you want to translate, we help you with this.

    Emptying the mailbox

    Upon arrival to your apartment, we will empty your mailbox for any. messages. Is there post we offer our customers to scan this by mail, or store it in your personal folder in our office until your next arrival. This obviously requires that we get a copy of your mailbox key.

    Watering of flowers inside and out
    If you have chosen to buy you some live flowers, we would like to give them water for you. In this case JOD recommend that you select the package with vent once a week.

    Payment of monthly bills
    We pay your bills like electricity, water, taxes, insurance, contingent to owners´ association etc. We offer our customers to scan receipts by e-mail or to store them in your personal folder at JOD until your next arrival.

    We recommend you to set up an account at our office. That is an account where you have an instalments of approx 200-400 Euros, which we use to pay your bills and whatever else that may arise in your apartment. The advantage of this is that you do not have to pay any transfer fees and you will be without any concerns about your apartment when you're in your home country.


    Repair of damage
    If there should arise any damages or otherwise in your apartment we will contact you immediately and, if necessary, contact your caretaker. Depending on the problem that may arise, we will give you our ideas and background information and out of that agree on what should be done. Is this a sudden problem which has arisen, like a burst water pipe or something like that, we'll be sure to close your water so the damage won´t make things worse.

    If your apartment is still under warranty with your builder, we like to inform them about the problem. We will keep an eye on the problem, perhaps take some pictures and send them to you via e-mail and give you some feedback when the problem is solved. If your apartment is not under warranty, we have experienced craftsmen who make a good job at good prices.

    Contact your local caretaker:
    If you have any problems or need to get in touch with your local caretaker, we'll be glad to assist with this.

    House checking

    Below you will see the work description for our service visit in your property. If you wish some of the mentioned tasks to be performed differently, we kindly ask you to send you wish in written form to your adviser at J.O. Dreams. This can for example be about electricity or water.

    1. Open for electricity and water in the basement

    2. Check rotation of the electric and water watch

    3. Read the numbers for electricity and water and make note on the report

    4. When our staff arrives to your apartment/house, they will ring the doorbell to the apartment two times to be sure that no one is staying in the apartment before you enter.

    5. Turn on the electricity in the fuse box and open main tap for water and check that they are functioning.

    6. Open the curtains/shutters and open the windows and balcony doors to make fresh air for minimum 20 minutes. Because it is important to air the apartment well, our staff open a window/door in each room of the apartment.

    7. Open the tap and let the water run and open the lights and check if they are working as they should

    8. Flush the toilet 2 timers while washing with the toilet brush

    9. To remove bad odours make sure to use enough water duringour visits

    10. If there is any garbage left in your home that can attract animals, our staff will throw this our

    11. Check the walls and ceiling for cracks or other damages

    12. Check the drains in the balcony if there are any leaves or other objects and remove if there is.

    13. Make sure that the refrigerator door stay open if there electricity is turned off

    14. If there is any furniture on the balcony our staff take them inside AS LONG as one person can carry them without challenges. Normally the owner is responsible for this action.

    15. Turn off the electricity in the fuse box, close the windows, the balcony doors and close the curtains/shutters

    16. If our staff notice any problems in the apartment, we make a note about this in the report in the apartment and in the report we bring back to the office.

    17. When our staff leaves the apartment/house, we lock the door lock 3 times.

    18. Close for electricity and water in the basement

    19. Check the mail box, if you have mail, then our staff bring it to our office, hands it over to the home service consultants who then will inform the owner of the apartment/house.



    Reports of any damage to the owner
    If something unpredictably happens with your apartment, such as damage, burglary, etc. will you as the owner, be the first to know.

    Check-up of flaws and deficiencies
    When you buy an apartment/house, there may unfortunately be some flaws and deficiencies which have to be made by your real estate agent / developer. We recommend you to create a list of the flaws and deficiencies which we will follow up for you when you are your own country. We must ask you to have close contact with your real estate agent / developer, as we know from experience that this is the best. Your real estate agent / developer are welcome to contact us if they need to borrow your key. We'd like you to confirm that it's okay they borrow your key, otherwise we don't hand over the key to others. We offer our clients to translate these lists to Turkish, as this makes it easier for the developer and craftsmen to solve the deficiencies. You will receive control pictures by your email ongoing during the proces.


    Preparing the home

    Looking to start your holiday with a clean and fresh apartment, we recommend you to use our cleaning. We have a cleaning team that performs unique cleanings at good prices and we attempt to come when you need us. Our cleaning team has taken courses that are held by Jeanette, who is Danish. This mean that our cleaning meets our Scandinavian needs. We do not want people staying in the apartment/house when our cleaning staff is there to carry out the cleaning..


    Transfer to and from airport

    We can arrange your transfer to and from the airport. This can be ordered through our website.


    We offer to wash your laundry after the holiday (bedding, towels mm) max 5 kg each. machine. We pick up and deliver your laundry in your apartment. The dirty laundry should be placed on the floor in the hallway. When the laundry is washed, we bring it back to the apartment and put it together on the bed.

    Car Rental
    We can arrange car rental for you, it can either stand ready at the airport or where else you might wish. For more details can visit our website or contact our office.


    Fridge Pack

    We offer to buy a refrigerator package for you / you so there is food and drink for the first day. You can on our website during filling of refrigerator read more about what this package contains. This service is not carried out on Sundays. If you want anyway to order such a package to Sunday, we kindly inform you that will bring deliver it to the apartment Saturday.

    E-mail service to the owner
    As a service to our customers, we will contact you when something new is happening in your apartment, such as craftsmen who carried out his work. Possibly furniture has arrived, curtains have been set up or other things that might happen in your apartment. You will receive a weekly report of our visits by email. Additionally, you can always contact your personal advisor by mail to receive the help you request. All e-mail will be answered within 5 working days.


    Restaurant Service and Information
    If you are interested in trying the amazing Turkish kitchen we recommend some good restaurants where you will get an unforgettable experience.


    Keeping your key for your apartment

    Do you have home service with J.O. Dreams we will keep your key for your apartment at our office. We also need a key in relation to venting your home. We receive 2 keys for your apartment by contract writing.


    We can assist you in preparing an Iskan for your apartment. You can choose to go to the different public agencies yourself which will take 3 to 4 days or you can choose and prepare a power of attorney for an employee of J.O. Dreams then we'll handle it for you.


    Services to other companies you have contacted
    If you are in contact with other companies, furniture companies, real estate agent, developer or similar they are very welcome to contact us if they need to enter your apartment.

    Opening a bank account

    When you have a home in Turkey, it is an advantage for you to open a bank account. Not only because of the high interest rates, but also practical. If this is desired, we are pleased to help you with this.

    If you need a residence permit in relation to buy an apartment or of other reasons, we like to organize this process for you. You can read some more about the rules to search a residence permit in Turkey in important information.

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