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Official holidays in Turkey in 2024

01.01.2024 New Year's Day (Office closed) 09.04.2024 Ramadan Feast Eve 10.04.2024 Ramadan Feast (Office closed) 11.04.2024 Ramadan Feast Day 2 (Office closed) 12.04.2024 Ramadan Feast Day 3 (Office closed) 23.04.2024 National Sovereignty...

  • Market days in Alanya (Bazar)

    1: Monday in Oba 2: Tuesday near fish bazar in Alanya centrum 3: Wendensday in Mahmutlar 4: Thursday in Tosmur 5: Friday in Alanya Centrum, near bazar area. 6: Saturday in...

  • Make sport during your holiday

    Do you wish that you want to keep your form during you holiday in Alanya, then please make contact with us. We will like to help you to get the right contacts for...

  • Free Internet to all service customers

    Dear all service customer We are happy to tell you that we can offer our customers, free internet and computer access in our office in Cikcilli. Please contact us by an...


    Home Service
    Home Service

    J.O. Dreams Home Service Our Home Service is your security when you're in your home country and when you and your family are in your holiday home. We have long experince...

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    J.O. Dreams Property Management Our property management and caretaker service are made of an efficient and stable team who provide a very good service. We offer our assistance all the way,...

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     Renovation & Rebuilding
    Renovation & Rebuilding

    J.O.Dreams Renovation & Refurbishment Department If your home need restoration, renovation, maintenance, reconstruction etc. or do you have unfinished work in your home, then J.O. Dreams have the opportunity to fix it for you. We...

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    J.O. Dreams is a Danish / Turkish company which, among other things, provide home services, property management, caretaking service in Alanya area. We are responsible for several house owner's associations in Alanya.


    We are different... We do not only focus on the sale of apartments, we also provide help after you have taken your big decision about buying a property in Turkey. You are in a foreign country, you might don't know anything about the rules, laws and procedures... Therefore we are the right company for you... We help you in all practical situations.


    For example if your air condition does not work, the toilet runs, water run into the apartment or you have a bulb that has blown... Call J.O. Dreams Home service, we ensure your holiday is pure luxury and relaxation. Most buyers also find it reassuring that their apartment is under supervision when they are not here.


    We ensure that your investment maintains it's value even when you are in your home country. We are committed to live up to Danish standard, we keep our promises and provide a service that our cusomers find satisfying. We work with an independent Turkish law firm and have a good cooperation with authorities. We have service concept that gives you and your property full service both indoor and outdoor. We take care of the pool, garden, walkways, lifts, generator, etc., and each apartment.


    Orhan SAD

    Orhan has an education within accountig and have also read Turkish legislation which gives you the opportunity to get the right advice here in Alanya. Orhan has taken several courses in relation to real estate and property management in Turkey and he has several years of experience in property management and the service industry.


    Jeanette Tvede

    Jeanette has worked as a real estate agent in Turkey since 2005.  Jeanette is educated in the health sector in Denmark which has given her excellent communication skills.  Jeanette is good to meet the needs of our customers and understand the foreigners minds very well.


    Along with Orhan, Jeanette has taken various courses in Alanya about construction of business, leadership and organization. Jeanette has also finished her education as a english /turkish/danish translator on a university in Ankara/Turkey.


    Jeanette and Orhan both speaks English and Turkish, and of course Jeanette also speak Danish. We have participated in many founding general meetings and help on several boards. We are accurate and comply always a deal. We have many local contacts and are available for 24 hours a day.

    Besides our focus on home services and administration, we also provide home decoration service. It means that we provide great ideas for home decoration if our customers are interested. We have our own repair section who are always ready to assist you with any challenges that might come up in your holiday home. Furthermore, we offer assistance with purchase of radio/ TV, air conditioning, domestic appliances, furniture, renovation and insurance claims. If you have or wish an apartment in Turkey, please contact us, we will save you many problems.


    We make your dreams come true and we are with you all the way.

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