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Official holidays in Turkey in 2024

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  • Market days in Alanya (Bazar)

    1: Monday in Oba 2: Tuesday near fish bazar in Alanya centrum 3: Wendensday in Mahmutlar 4: Thursday in Tosmur 5: Friday in Alanya Centrum, near bazar area. 6: Saturday in...

  • Make sport during your holiday

    Do you wish that you want to keep your form during you holiday in Alanya, then please make contact with us. We will like to help you to get the right contacts for...

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    J.O. Dreams Property Management

    Our property management and caretaker service are made of an efficient and stable team who provide a very good service. We offer our assistance all the way, we ensure that your garden looks neat and presentable, that your pool is clean and have the right values in order to use it, plus carry out elevator-, generator- and septic tank service.


    We participate in founding General assemblies and other general assemblies Our assistance is very helpful because there often is Turkish residents in the complexes, that only speak Turkish. Our service can adjust owners associations, individual apartments and villas. We prepare accounts and ensure the daily operation of the property and outside areas.  J.O. Dreams Service will be responsible for the property to always appear neat and presentable for both owners and tenants. J.O. Dreams is a committed partner with care and security.

    J.O. Dreams Property Management - Who are we?

    J.O. Dreams is a Danish / Turkish company who speaks and writes English, Danish, and Turkish, which helps to ensure that you get effective administration. We have a wide range of stable staff in all areas where we can provide a high service level. We have also focus on safety and security. We are with you every step. To have a holiday home abroad requires an administration you can trust, a consultancy who knows the law and pay bills on time.

    J.O. Dreams Property Management - What we can do?

    J.O. Dreams offer property management, reconciling accounts, pool service, cleaning service and property services to both owners' associations and individual apartments and villas.

    Our housing administration and caretaker service are made of an efficient and stable team who provide a very good service.

    The agreement includes the following:

     Accounting (Start up owner associations)

     Payment of common costs, water, electricity, insurance and property tax

     Management of common costs in consultation with the Board

     Answering requests from residents

     Establishing mail list and e-mail archive for the Board

     Collection of established common costs from the owner

     Elevator Service

     Remuneration of the caretaker

     Daily cleaning of the staircase

     Hiring a caretaker, if desired

     Preparation of work plan for the caretaker

     Preparation of employment contracts for the caretaker, if desired

     Daily cleaning of the pool area, toilet and shower

     Daily supervision of gym / other facilities

     Regular review of work function in the property

     Setting up and taking down outdoor furniture

     Setting up necessary information

     Generator service

     Watering of outdoor plants and grass

     Grass cutting

     Weed control

     Daily cleaning of the pool

     Daily measurement of values in the pool

     Emptying the outdoor trash cans and ashtrays

     Replacing bulbs mm.

     The supply of diesel for generator

     Setting up useful information in building

     Current courses for the caretaker if necessary

     We are available 24 hours a day

     Forwarding of copy of the property´s common account each month

     Log in system via our website

     Septic tank service

     Preparation of both iscan

     Preparation of all paperwork in relation to Tapu

     Preparation of design errors

     Translation from Danish/Turkish - Turkish/Danish

    We hope that you find the above interesting and look forward to hear from you.

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