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Official holidays in Turkey in 2024

01.01.2024 New Year's Day (Office closed) 09.04.2024 Ramadan Feast Eve 10.04.2024 Ramadan Feast (Office closed) 11.04.2024 Ramadan Feast Day 2 (Office closed) 12.04.2024 Ramadan Feast Day 3 (Office closed) 23.04.2024 National Sovereignty...

  • Market days in Alanya (Bazar)

    1: Monday in Oba 2: Tuesday near fish bazar in Alanya centrum 3: Wendensday in Mahmutlar 4: Thursday in Tosmur 5: Friday in Alanya Centrum, near bazar area. 6: Saturday in...

  • Make sport during your holiday

    Do you wish that you want to keep your form during you holiday in Alanya, then please make contact with us. We will like to help you to get the right contacts for...

  • Free Internet to all service customers

    Dear all service customer We are happy to tell you that we can offer our customers, free internet and computer access in our office in Cikcilli. Please contact us by an...



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    Newsletter May 2024


    It is time to plan your summer holiday 2024 - Did you remember?

    Dear Customer,

    We hope you are doing really well and enjoying the beautiful weather that the north is offering these days. As always, we send you lots of good thoughts here from in Alanya.

    We know that it will soon be time for many of you to turn pack your bag and start your trave to Alanya, we have therefor prepared a reminder, so you can have a good and relaxed summer holiday with a lot of quality time with your Dear ones.


    Did you receive your customer card by JOD? Your VIP customer card by JOD helps you to get delicious new experiences with you on your holiday, on top of that you will find some good discount deals at our recommended places. We only recommend places where we come ourselves. This year we have been out and had a little extra look at the market and we have found really nice new places that we want to share with you. When you come and pick up your card, you will receive a list of all the places where you can get discounts and good experiences in Alanya.

    If you haven't already received your card, then please come and pick up your VIP customer card at our office - it's FREE! The goal for us, is to get you a lot of good experiences with you home. You are welcome to get several cards for the same apartment, so your family and friends also can get some benefits from these agreements.

    If you already have received your customer card, we will be happy to send you our updated list by email, you are of course also very welcome to come in and say hello and pick it up at our office too.

    (The card includes among other things, delicious restaurants, beauty places, hairdressing salons, BOTOX, fillers, nails, clothes, jewellery, furniture, excursions, experiences of various kinds, etc.)



    If you haven't been here since 2023, then let us take care of preparing your home cleaning so you can jump right into your swimwear and enjoy as much of your time when you arrice.

    Send your arrival dates to our Home service department and they will plan a home cleaning for you before you arrive. Many of our customers happily use this service and they all tell us us that they love to buy themselves quality time with their own family.



    Send your flight ticket to our Home service department and we will organize your safe and secure airport transfer from and to the airport. Most of our drivers are wemen and they all feel a big honor to start and end your holiday with a pleasant and safe experience in one of our many cars.



    Like many of our customers, then let us reserve your freedom during your holiday. A car that you will have access to throughout your holiday. We are happy to deliver and collect our cars at both airports, which means that you do not need to book a transfer and if you need a driver to drive between Alanya and the airport, this service will be included in the price. Send a copy of your flight ticket and we will organize your car before your arrival.



    By JOD we have both internet and TV solutions. Internet subscriptions for your home, portable internet devices for your bag and all European TV channels. Send an email to one of our Home service consultants and let us organize your contact with the world. Your TV channels by JOD, can also be used in your home country.



    If you want to get to a fridge that is filled with delicious fresh food, then do as many others do. Send us your purchase slip and we will buy fresh food as close to your arrival as possible.

    Home service department

    Mail address: [email protected]


    We wish you all a very joyfull holiday and look very much looking forward to welcoming you all.


    The best summer greetings from,

    Jeanette Tvede & Orhan Sad

    As well as the whole team behind it

    J.O.Dreams service center






    Newsletter March 2024


    Dear all customers by J.O.Dreams,


    Spring time is on its way to Alanya and we already feel a slight of nice and warmth weather, which is slowly returning after a winter that has featured many storms and rainy days.

    We are all looking forward to a new season in 2024, where we hope to see many of you in our office.


    Christmas calender

    To all of you who have followed our cozy Christmas calendar on our social platforms, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    Please, remember that those of you who were lucky to win - contact us, so that we can make a plan together. We have already sent you an email with information about this.


    At the beginning of February, our fresh air department team started hanging up a new magnet in your homes

    For all of you who do not use our concept of ventilation of your home, you are more than welcome to stop by and receive it here at the office and hear more about this concept

    The magnet is from the wellknown private hospital, Baskent hospital, which has now chosen to create a beauty department with the aim of ensuring that all types of treatments are carried out by a competent team.

    Beauty & Aesthetic Center - As a customer of J.O.Dreams, you receive a 10% discount on treatments such as


    - Botox

    - All types of laser treatments

    - Fillers

    - Skin care

    - All kinds of silicone treatments

    - Everything within plastic surgery

    And much more.


    If you are interested in a non-binding preliminary investigation with them, you are very welcome to contact us and we will book a time for you for a preliminary investigation.

    Tour Transfer

    We offer private transportation to diffrent excursion destinations in and around Alanya. Maybe you want us to plan an excursion for you, to experience something new. It may be that you know a place where you sincerely want to be driven to and brought home again when the day is over – Please feel free to come by our Home service department and hear more about experiences on your own, we will be very happy to fill your memory backpacks with even more unforgettable experiences in Alanya.




    Short-term rental

    From 01.01.2024, a new short term rental law has been passed on in Turkey

    After the new law have been passed on, it is now very difficult to work with rental on a short-term basis. We are therefore unfortunately unable to offer this service anymore. As you already know, we would rather be there for you in all asspects, but this time, unfortunately, the law does not allow it, and the law we ofcourse have to follow.

    The new law requires that you, as home owners, find it very difficult to rent out/lend your home to anyone other than the immediate family. All loans/rentals, less than 100 days a year, require a special permit and signatures from ALL the other owners in the project. We know that this can cause frustrations for many of you, which we ofcourse understand. However, you should know that the government has made this new rule to protect the security in the country. As we have previously stated, there are unfortunately more people who use private residences for inappropriate stays, which can create uncertainty for the people. (Housing of terrorist groups, prostitution, people who are not registered in the system, etc.)

    If you are in a situation where you still want to operate a rental on a holiday basis, it will require you to fill in 7-10 points to get a permision. You can read more about this on following link: https://resmigazete.gov. tr/

    Shortly, these are some of the following points; Establishment of a Turkish company, accounting, guest registration with the police at each visit, application for permission via E-Devlet, signatures from all the owners in the project where your home has its address, hanging up a sign at the entrance to the complex that says xxxxx property, is rented out in this project,etc.

    There is no written law that mentions details about a holiday stay of a family members to the deed holder, but we always recommend our customers to bring their family tree if they have planned a trip to Alanya and have planned to stay in your property. This document can be stamped and printed at the church office or at the municipality in your home country. Many owners have done this in the past years and it has been accepted before, but since there is no law arround this, we can of course not guarantee that it will continue in this way, which is why this is a risk you take yourself.

    For further information in this matter, you are very welcome to contact our Home service department, and they will share more details with you.



    Ramadan 2024

    The Muslim solemn “Ramadan” starts this year on 11.03.2024

    A month in which Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset - no food, no liquids, no tobacco etc. Nothing else than the pure oxygen. When the sun has set and the Imam has called for prayer, family and friends is gathering for dinner, which is called Iftar.

    Fasting is an expression of spiritual values and a thanks to GOD.

    The purpose of fasting among other things is to be able to feel hunger and thereby be able to put yourself higher than that and into a clear purpose (Gratitude for what you have the rest of the year). This month, is the month where there is no difference between rich and poor, most people choose to feel the same hunger. When Ramadan is over, 3 days of celebration begin, which we call Ramazan Bayram.

    This year, from April 10 to and including April 12, our office will be closed.




    2024 – Staff training and courses at J.O.Dreams

    Every year at J.O.Dreams, we are creating educations and training courses for our employees who work daily in the field as caretakers, controllers, cleaning teams, etc. After the earthquake disaster in February 2023, this year we have had extra focus on rescue exercises during earthquake situations. We have also held a fire course, a first aid course, a cleaning course, a garden course and a pool course. We constantly try to make your employees feel as a part of J.O.Dreams, and that we always keep on focus on creating a common goal, namely to secure and service you and your homes in Alanya

    All courses were held in our own office facilities. We share here a few pictures from the day and hope everyone has gained alot of useful knowledge with them into their everyday life at work.







    Social Media

    Feel free to follow us on our social media and receive useful information about us, about the real estate market, about Alanya and about Turkey, etc,

    -FACEBOOK - J.O.Dreams service center


    -FACEBOOK - J.O.Dreams Real estate


    -INSTAGRAM: jodreams_alanya

    Thank you for reading with us - We wish you all a wonderful day and hope to see you again soon, in our common paradise, Alanya.



    Warm and kind regards from,


    Jeanette & Orhan,

    samt hele teamet bag


    +90 242 515 03 21

    69 91 80 47




    Newsletter September 2023


    Dear all,

    We have been looking forward to sending you all a autumn greeting to all our loyal and highly valued customers.

    We hope that everyone has enjoyed the very hot summer that has appeared all over the world.

    Let's pay tribute to the team behind the scenes

    Although it has been hot and most of us have been sitting behind the A/C and enjoying the cool air, our Mobile service team, as we call it, has been warm outside while looking after and caring for all your complexes, so it looks nice and beautiful all year round. Our amazing Mobil team are the ones who are active out in the field most of the time. They are the ones who are a little more  invisible among all of our family members here at JOD, but they are a very important piece in the entire puzzle above all the service we provide for you as our customers - Please help us pay tribute to their great work.



    A new sensory experience on several levels - New restaurant near Alanya castle

    We also want to draw attention to a delicious new restaurant experience, that you can enjoy up by the castle. Perhaps this could be a pleasant visit for you to experience the next time you come to Alanya. Alanya has got this fantastic place, Fiaba Brasserie. The restaurant has a beautiful view over the harbor and without a doubt has our warmest recommendations on all levels.
    The unique gem with Gastronomy at the highest level not only with a taste experience of the cuisine but indeed also from their impressive drinks

    A place where the senses and scents come into their own

    We can help with reservations for an unforgettable evening

    Remember to bring your VIP card from JOD and you will get a 10% discount on your bill.




    We continuously try to keep an eye out for new exciting places for you. Do you have a very special place that you think we should try, we would love to hear from you. Let's all share the good experiences with each other.

    Bank, money transfers, etc.

    We have experienced that several of our customers have had a few challenges in getting money transferred to their account by JOD. We therefore want to resend a small manual in the hope of helping you along the way. As you probably know, the Danish krone has lost value outside the world, which is why we do not recommend that you bring this currency with you. You will experience that the provider incl. ourselves, will not accept it and if you are lucky enough to find a place that says OK, it will be a VERY bad rate, which will be a loss for you.
    We therefore recommend that you bring Euro or Lira when you enter our office.


    If you choose to make a bank transfer to us, we would kindly ask you to use one of the bank accounts below when transferring money to your Home service account with us.
    For those of you who do not have a Home service agreement with us, but wish to transfer your shared expenses, we would kindly ask that you continue to use the association's own bank account and not J.O.Dreams' own accounts.



    Bank navn

    Yapi kredi

    Swift kode


    Område kode


    Konto indehavers navn (Modtager)






    Bank adresse

    Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Keykubat Bulvarı No:209

    07400 Alanya / Antalya

    Konto indehavers adresse

    Cikcilli Mah. 220. Sok. Turka Sit. No:1/B

    07400 Alanya / Antalya




    Bank navn

    Yapi kredi

    Swift kode


    Område kode


    Konto indehavers navn (Modtager)






    Bank adresse

    Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Keykubat Bulvarı No:209

    Alanya / Antalya

    Konto indehavers adresse

    Cikcilli Mah. 220. Sok. Turka Sit. No:1/B

    07400 Alanya / Antalya



    Wishing you a very good autumn from all of us here at J.O.Dreams

    Best regards,

    J.O.Dreams service center
    Jeanette Tvede & Orhan Sad and the whole team behind
    +90 242 515 03 21 / 69 91 80 47

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